Our shoot advisory team is split between low ground and moorland work; we do a considerable amount of work in both areas.

Usually we visit an estate/shoot/moor and depending on the size and complexity this will take between one and three days. We then produce a detailed written report with our recommendations. These can be fully costed.

We are then happy either to be involved on a management or consultancy basis in implementing our recommendations or to merely have one follow up meeting to run through our report and answer any queries which the client may have.

We have been involved in such well known shoots as Knarsdale, Springhead, Snilesworth, Bransdale, Broomhead, Abbeystead, Glenogil, Doldowlod, Miltons, Mulgrave Castle and many, many more. These really are from the Highlands to Sussex, from Norfolk to Pembrokeshire.

Our advice almost always leads on low ground shoots to;

  • Better returns
  • Better birds
  • Often lower costs

On moorland it leads to;

  • Many more grouse – we have broken the day or season’s record on 12 moors where we have been involved
  • Better habitat
  • A significantly increased capital or rental asset

On fisheries;

  • Better sport
  • Higher rental or capital values
Grouse Shooting