We have now been in business for over 20 years and during that timescale have come across most of the problems which confront a rural land owner.

Added to that (and very unusually), we have over 20 years experience of running our own trading businesses.

We therefore look at problems in a practical and cost effective way. We are not theoretical but determined to find a real solution that the client can afford. In our approach as well as our experience, we are unlike any other firms of agents.

We are able to provide advice on:

  • Funding and Debt Reduction
  • Diversification
  • Tenancy Disputes (for landlords and tenants)
  • Farm, Estate and Business Planning to include succession
  • Releasing Planning Potential
  • Acquisition
Farm, Estate & Business Planning

We did everything that JM Osborne & Co. told us and have benefitted enormously from their very practical advice. They were unlike any other consultants we have come across - most refreshing.